Friday, December 28, 2012


So I'm excited about this new program I have been trying out. It's called Influenster. You sign up on their site, take some surveys and unlock special badges. If you qualify, based on these badges, you get sent what is called a "voxbox". Well what that is is a bunch of fun products, that are free for you to try. Now by samples, I don't mean dinky little samples, these are full size products. So you get your box in the mail, filled with a bunch of fun products! Then you get to try these products out, and go back to the influenster site and leave feedback on these products. Also, you need to get the word out on if you like or don't like them (aka Influenster = you influence others). Just like I'm doing here. I usually post my stuff up on pinterest, instagram and facebook. That way I can share totally awesome products with my family/friends, or I can let them know of one's that I don't like. Either way, it gets the word out on some really cool products. So that's my two cents on this really awesome program! Hope you go give it a try! Nothing to loose, you might even get your very own voxbox! :)

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