Friday, December 28, 2012


So I'm excited about this new program I have been trying out. It's called Influenster. You sign up on their site, take some surveys and unlock special badges. If you qualify, based on these badges, you get sent what is called a "voxbox". Well what that is is a bunch of fun products, that are free for you to try. Now by samples, I don't mean dinky little samples, these are full size products. So you get your box in the mail, filled with a bunch of fun products! Then you get to try these products out, and go back to the influenster site and leave feedback on these products. Also, you need to get the word out on if you like or don't like them (aka Influenster = you influence others). Just like I'm doing here. I usually post my stuff up on pinterest, instagram and facebook. That way I can share totally awesome products with my family/friends, or I can let them know of one's that I don't like. Either way, it gets the word out on some really cool products. So that's my two cents on this really awesome program! Hope you go give it a try! Nothing to loose, you might even get your very own voxbox! :)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dino Lingo!

I just found out about this cute site, that helps your kids learn a new language. Seems so easy and I can see it helping a lot of kids. Such a neat idea! It's always great to be able to help your kids learn more. I know my kids have expressed interesting in learning a new language, so this is something I might look more into. Hope you enjoy and check it out!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Crafts and Refurbishing!

So I've been in such a crafty mood these days, I've decided that i'm gonna start showing my craftiness on my blog for you all to see :) I have so many ideas, i'm just excited to get them all done. So here are my projects i've done over this week and last:

So what do you get when you have these wonderful items?

These totally awesome centerpieces, or candle holders, or flower holder, the choice is yours! I'm so excited with the way they turned out. I'm going to get some colored rocks or jewels to put in these one's on my kitchen table.

Kristina and I had another craft lunch, and these are what we made. These are just made with styrofoam, paper, and ribbon around the edges! I think they turned out so cute! Now they are proudly hanging in my living room. :)

Another thing I've been doing, is trying to find some "ugly" furniture from DI, and refurbish it into something fantastic! Here was my first find! This little cabinet/nightstand thing, was an ugly old cheap look wood color with shiny brass handle pulls. So I just spray painted the whole thing black, sprayed the handles red, and ta-da!!! You get this totally awesome new addition to our living room! I think it looks awesome! I can't wait to find my next refurbishing project soon!

And here is the whole little set up all together. I really, really, really like it :) Go me!

Thanks for looking :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Feeling Crafty!

So my friend Kristina and I have decided that we are going to do lunch and a craft. We had our first lunch day this past Friday. We had so much fun. We made cute little chalkboards for a few members of our family for Valentines Day, and we also made some cute "signs" which is the word LOVE with cute paper decoupaged onto it. We had so much fun, we've been looking all over for more ideas. Now we have so many, we'll be doing this for years. Hope you enjoy seeing our cute little crafts :)

LOVE with cute paper on it, sitting on the ledge that overlooks our living room.

Our cute chalkboards we made. I already gave my other one's out, cause they were just so darn cute I couldn't wait until Valentines Day, hehe.

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much saying that Kristina gave me, and I put it above the mirror in our living room. I think it looks so neat!!

Brayden's Basketball Games

Brayden is playing basketball this winter. Jeff and Lance are his coaches. They are all having alot of fun. It's so neat to watch Brayden play, and see those guys coaching his team. They are all doing awesome, and it's so much fun to watch the games. They won their first game this last Saturday!! We are so proud of them all!!!

Brayden shooting his first free throw!

Jeff and Lance are the coaches for Brayden's team. Here they are giving a pep talk, hehe.

Look at that handsome young man! GO HURRICANES!!!

Brayden in between quarters, dribbling the ball around.

Brayden shooting around.

Jeff's 30th Birthday Party

The end of January we celebrated Jeff's 30th birthday!! We had a surprise party for him at Noah's in Lindon. We had friends and some family come early, and we surprised him when he showed up. We had some black balloons, a black "older than dirt" cake, and some fun food. It was alot of fun. We played pool and ping pong, and just hung out. I think it was a pretty fun time, and I think Jeff really enjoyed it. Hope we didn't embarrass him too much, hehe.

Shirt making for FHE

So tonight we decided that we would make some shirts for our family home evening. The boys all decided what they wanted to make, then we got working. For some reason they all wanted to make Mario shirts, hehe. Conner and Kyle stuck with the Mario theme, while Brayden decided to do a parkour themed shirt, since that is his favorite thing right now. Jeff's was interesting and fun, like he always does. Mine was cutesy, like I always do. I sure love dragonflies :) Hope you enjoy our creations. And we'll see what comes up for our next FHE.